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All songs by Jody carroll  Copyright
Thahaylia Music 2011 - 2023

Get inside this house 


There used to be some flowers next to the dirt road

But now there's just a fence and a broken down old Ford

Smiles turn to straight lines and the town burns its boards

I heard a mailman start to growl

Get in this house

Oh baby..

Get inside this house


Don't play in the front yard and don't talk to that old man

Don't take a short walk down to the produce stand

Our times have rearranged why don't you understand

That it's a game of cat and mouse

Get inside this house

Oh baby get inside this house 


Under the shade of cars something creeping slow

Might be looking for you could they already know

Clean off that summer roof and tighten up for the squall

Put on your pants and pull down that blouse 

Get inside this house

Oh baby get inside this house


Cold gloom it falls on the old window pane

Go unlock the Dogs and pray for a little more rain

I know that it's out there somewhere watching and waiting looking at me

Just like the devil It lurks and it prowls

Get inside this house 


I heard that it's coming now and your the same as me

Hide all your money man and your foolish destiny

Bind up them floors and break down the plow

Break down that plow

Get inside the house

I said now get inside this house


Shine up your big guns point em at the door

Your friends are all gone now that's what that t.v is for

Don't trust that phone call good luck and all that it will allow

Get inside this house

I said now get inside this house

Get inside this house

You better get in quick


Get inside baby

Drop all that stuff

Get in here now

lock the door

Grab the kids

It's all over now

Things have changed

Times have rearranged 

Get inside this house

Dead Man’s Hand  

Wild Bill went up to Deadwood and he took his 44   

told his friends that he was going to die there 

he was standing at death's door

.. standing at death's door

Well the door flew open slowly he’d walk the streets at night

Looking for a card game or maybe a red dirt gun fight

... standing at death's door


Back when he was young folks from all around

They would fear his name every time he’d come into they’re town

.. standing at death's door


All those people up in Deadwood they could a cared less

For some retired old sharp shooting mess

.. standing at death's door


Because up here in Deadwood everybody’s got their toll

If the devil don’t want you man then you have nowhere left to go

.. standing at death's door


For many miles and days he sunk into a haze

Looking for an easy way

to die before his day

.. standing at death's door

Well I came here to find some money a Little gold from these dry lands

That's when I saw old wild Bill walking the street slow at hand

.. standing at death's door


The number 10 saloon It was open way too soon

His back turned to the door and he failed to turn around

.. Aces & Eights fell down

On to California 

Under shadows left hiding in the weeds. 

Snakes and wind roll around the bone dry ground  

Down on the corner where he used to stand 

with his compass in hand

Looking out upon no man’s land

The Air is made of frayed memories cost

What they could not take they surly lost

Piles of old dreams cast out on the streets 

No left one to revive them anymore, close the door       

So, If you need a tire for the long dry miles

Or a tornado to drive you out                                 

Well , The desert wind is always waiting to pull you on

On to California 

To California

Was he tired of waiting there all alone

His family gone’ Lost his only home

Pulled up his boots and took off down the road

With a heavy heart and a heavy load of his own

No one came to help them on they’re way

No one gave a heck about that lonely place anyway

Take the homes and glean the marrow from the clay

Can you hear  that old record play, for another day


Kicking dirt devils down old church road    

No one sings about heaven round here anymore

Hard to hear god out in the dust of wind

Maybe it's been too long  -  So so long..


Scrap Iron Pete Blues  


Scrap Iron Pete was a good friend of mine

Scrap Iron Pete was a good friend of mine

I never shook his hand           

But he’s forever on my mind

In the territory of the forsaken soul

Dig into the dead clay and scrap metal hole

Dust over his time and rocks under head

Sleep until tomorrow comes pardon denied again


Old blood on his tires and either floating through the air

Trapped in Angola prison where nobody cares

The birds lift up his song and love falls from his eyes

They said that he murdered a man, but that was just a lie


Up on the hill looking down on the wall

Sing out to his family and try not to fall

Desire and sorrow his time just a memory

Wait until tomorrow comes for his lost destiny


He was a good man all would agree

10000 people watch as he floats away free

Scrap iron money and a cold room to stay

Looks like he finally found a place for his tired head to lay


The Mercy is in the Money  


Did you lose your place in line

Did you give a roosevelt dime

Well the mercy is in the money

Every time


The banker told the farmer

You better grow yourself a home

Because there ain't no business in friendliness

From here on your on your own


Ol' John the merry maker

He closed down the new grange hall

While miss adaline began to climb 

The vine of lies so tall




Every man dies for his land

As far as providence will lend a hand

But when the wind turns

Will the engine burn on the vapors left in the sand


I’ll meet you brother up in glory

But lord it will cost you plenty

That cold dream of blood

Is on the plank



Churches Bars & Liquor Stores



I walked down to the corner bar just to find myself a friend

But all I ended up with boys was a troubled mind again


Church up on the high hill  temptation down below

I’m so tired of waiting around here to die into the hallow I’m gonna go

From buffalo valley we ran the shine to the new Mexico line

The preacher said your gonna fall into a dark life of crime

My father said boy you better turn around and bring yourself back home

A drunken man can't understand till the dirt covers his bones

Churches, Bar’s and Liquor Stores far as the eye can see

They’ll wrap you up in trouble while your just trying to set your soul free


All my brothers lent a hand so rich and happy we’ll be

Gonna get ourselves that piece of land so happy we could not see


Till that federal man with a gun in hand came a rapping at my door

Set my feet down on the state line lord I’m not happy any more

I told my wife and child goodbye I’ll call you when I can

Send you a little money just to hold you in my arms again


Through angel town I walked straight on a friend I could not find

Made my way up to the bay to that cold black diamond mine


In the shadow of that mountain that's where I’d make my stand

But temptation lays waste of men and turns them into sand

I thought it might be different but only pain and crosses high

Whiskey from the bottle boys until the very day I die



County Jail Blues



When I wake up from this dream                                

I’ll be the fastest thing you’ve ever see

Gonna hit the road and roll far away from here                          

No sympathy can set me straight no

That big old world will just have to wait                                            

Counting my time with every drop of tear


Stuck in the county jail  Lord I'm mad as hell  

Doing this time cause i lost my mind

And If I’d a known what could go wrong

Man it wouldn’t a taken me very long             

To hit the road and leave this place behind

Ohh… leave this place behind

Time will tell if the judge is right

As i lay awake dreaming... every night

of that good woman waiting for me back at home

Now I can hear the warden bawlin

As I lay pineing in my cell

I can hear the wind squall beyond the wall


Wake up boys you know where it’s at

You got ten minutes to eat 

then you get yourself back

Back in your hole like a mountain mole

Then you better dig on down 

and do just what you're told


Now boy’s remember this

Or good times you’ll surely miss

The sunny side is the only road to ever know

Stay away from trouble and strife

Cause sure as hell it will steal your life

And sink you down into the dark dirt below


Dead Man’s Shoes    

I walk in dead man's shoes

Nowhere to go and nothing to lose

I walk in dead man's shoes

I got the walking dead blues

Here I am before you today

My road is dark, but I’ve found another way

I walk in dead man's shoes back to you


Bury me down those flames of old

I throw down all jokers, silver and gold

These shoes are made of mud, rust and pain

The soles are filled with hurricanes

And with every step I spell my name

I walk in dead man's shoes back to you


I walk in dead man's shoes

Lord I got the walking blues

Slowly i’ve been sinking down

I walk in dead man's shoes

I got the walking dead blues

Searching for my starry crown


Dig a little deeper down in the well

Dark as night and cold as hell

I’ve been on this road many times before it’s true

I’m kicking on down this shotgun door

Closing down the liquor store

I walk in dead man's shoes back to you



Long Gone Blues


Long Gone - Long gone

I'm just a poor boy who knows he's done wrong
this train I'm on

This train I'm on
Is long gone

When I left  the station, the night was made of rain

Cold chill heart, I hear you call my name
All that I had trusted, has turned its back on me

No one left here to worry, lord this world is killing me


I worked on the water and even worked out on the farm

But all I have to show is this a muscle here on my arm

Too much going up, not enough coming back down

Hard luck loves trouble so it's time to leave this town


When I was a young man I thought that I knew it all

But now I’m here on this long gone train

With nothing left to haul

She could of up a told me a little more just a let me know

That things had up and changed before I had to get up and go



New Way of Livin


From the days of my youth to a world gone wrong

I musta thought the past was long dead and gone

Cause this new way of livin is kill’n me


What about back in 1910 when they lied to the women just like the me

It don’t take a fool to see that we’re right back there again

Cause this new way of livin is killin me

This new way of living is kill’n me

Good lord -

It's got me down on my bending knees

Good lord -

I tell ya this new way of living is kill’n me

Good lord -

I just wish that this cruel world would leave me be

Don’t sell me the future while your livin in the past

Give me something old boy something that will last

Cause this new way of livin is kill’n me


Storm out on the ocean - storm out on the sea

I tell ya this new way of livin boys Is getting old to me

Cause this new way of livin is kill’n me


Go tell Buffalo bill that the good ol’ days are on the run

Go tell ol’ Joe Hill that change has yet to come

Cause this new way of livin is kill’n me


Wish I was in up Memphis standing on Beal and Main

Instead I’m down in Mobile town sweat’n in the pouring rain

And this new way of livin is kill’n me




Bog Dog Blues   


I had a bog dog that old dog was so good to me

I had a bog dog that old dog was so good to me

He came up from the swamp here he comes

Running jumping, happy, muddy and free

Ya he was a good friend of mine

As only that Bog Dog knew just how to be

Golden apparition lazy dog on fire

Weaving through the breeze

He’s a hunter like no other

Little tired rabbits running through the cottonwood trees

Finds me when he needs me only to leave me when he please

He was a good ol’ friend of mine

As only he knew how to be


Digging down to china for a bone 

and brings it back home Lord before supper time

Swimming in that creek like he grew some gills

Bringing back a frog to bury down in his hill

Watches me when I spark my evening coal

Gonna chew my boots down to my soul

Cause he’s a good ol’ dog


Till he stayed too long out in that field

Where the farmers poison dwells

Left for the racoons, crows and all their evil buddies not for my dog no

I buried him in a hole in that hole

So he could chew on them bones all day long

He was good ol’ friend of mine and he’s been gone for way too long


Can You Hear that Hammer Ring


John henry 

was a steel drivin man

From deep down in the ground

You could hear him digging in 


When he was a baby boy

He said ma I want to be a man

So I can fight that evil machine

Using my own hands 


She said man is made of earth boy,

Blood, soul and bone

So take this hammer with ya

You'll be the greatest - this worlds even known

Oh.........can you can hear that hammer ring

(Hear that hammer ring)

Oh.........can you can hear that hammer ring

(Hear that hammer ring)

He said I ain't going to wait

For my pie up in the sky

I'm gonna beat that steam drill down

Swing this hammer till the day I die 


He tunneled under every mountain

Even under the deep blue sea

He was a steel driving man

And his name was John Henry!


He said, I'm no machine  no

and I refuse be a slave

I'll beat that steam drill down

Before they put me down in my grave 


Now the moral of this story

Is don't be a modern fool

Turn off that fancy machine

And go find yourself a good mule



Grand Ol’ Opry in the Sky 


I dreamt of a place up in the starry sky

Where all those friends from days of old

They gathered to laugh and cry

And began to sing as they did fly

Up to the Grand Ol’ Opry in the Sky

I saw uncle Dave Macon                       

Riding high upon the hog

Lester Flatt, Bill Monroe and even Charlie Pool

They were singing about the law and life

Whiskey - Love - Betrayal and strife

Up at the Grand Ol' Opry in the Sky

In the sky

In the sky

Up at the Grand Ol' Opry in the Sky

Oh how they did sing as they did fly

Off to the sweet bye and bye…

Up at the Grand Ol' Opry in the Sky

Oh Mr. Williams and Mrs. Cline

Your forever on our minds

And hats off to Minnie pearl as she floats by

Mother Maybelle she led the way

While John and June held hands all day

Up at the Grand Ol' Opry in the Sky


Old George and grandpa jones

They were humming soft and low

That chorus of forever it began to grow

Yes that sun did brightly shine 

And everybody fell right in line

Up at the Grand Ol' Opry in the Sky


The circle is not broken

And the true vine will never die

Up At the Grand Ole' Opry in the Sky

It wraps around us all

So that we can never fall

From the Grand Ol' Opry in the Sky


But when I woke back up

And I turned the radio on

To my surprise all I heard

Was something that in my mind

Was nothing but a low down crime

Up at the Grand Ole' Opry in the Sky


Moon Shine 


Up in Carolina where the old river rolls

Older than the rocks and older than the bones

The mountain blues have nothing to lose

You can build your own road If you pay your own dues


Well you can pay em on time across the state line’

Then you’ll be in Tennessee where they make the ol’ moonshine

Moonshine it’s light up your mind, but it’s dark as a dungeon

Down in a box of pine


Box of pine filled with good moonshine

One for a nickel - two for a dime

If you take a drink buddy you’ll be singing all the time

Up on sugar mountain losing your mind


Moonshine it’ll light up your mind

But it’s dark as a dungeon down in a box of pine

One for a nickel - two for a dime

If you want to get to sugar mountain

You gotta lose your mind


I heard tell there’s a place you gotta see

You can get so high

You can walk across the sea

Float through the sky with a gleam in your eye

But first you gotta find some good moonshine


Now there's a rock on the right

Right side of the road

And under that rock 

There’s an old jaw bone

Under that bone

You can lay your dollar down

Come back in ten minutes

And break it on down



Midnight Son


Oh my dear midnight son

Radiant eyes of one

Your beauty's gravity

It pulls up and over me

I am free


Into green velvet shade

Deep blue tides of summer's rain

Waves of other waves

Crash into the breath of day

We are babes


Oh my dear midnight son

Radiant eyes of one

Your beauty's gravity

It pulls up and over me

I am free

Hard Times in the Valley 


Come you ladies and you gentlemen and  listen to my song

You may think it's right or maybe I got it all wrong

It’s about a little town that you don't know very well

It used to have a  big river but now it's dry as hell

It's s hard times in the valley

East of Angel town


Look at all the flowers is what she used to say

Now she prays for rain a dark cloudy day

To wash away her troubles from the yard where they used to play

All those little dreams swept far away

It's s hard times in the valley

East of Angel town


Great grandfather bones and the devil's got our home

Dust is on the table and rust is waiting on the phone

A little bit of rain would shine brighter than gold

Tell ya If I was a dove I'd lead us all home

It's s hard times in the valley

East of Angel town


One day it just stopped the well had run dry

My brother he got sick and she changed on that day he died

We can't bury him here no the wind will blow him away

Tell me How will somebody else think about this place some day

It's s hard times in the valley

East of Angel town


So it's over the hills and down the wrong way

she moved into a room where she still waits today

Shes is Staring out the window  out to the concrete yard

I'd go and see her there but it's too too damn hard

It's s hard times in the valley

East of Angel town


Well its ashes to ashes and dust to dust…..

  It's s hard times in the valley                

  East of Angel town.

Mountains in my Way


These mountains in my way

They're so high today

They’re just passing away

Something lost back in time

And If i had you in my lovin arms 

could i hold you real close

My words would let you know

Something upon my worried mind


All those miles that i followed

They brought me back to you

Your eyes fly like swallows

Singing soft and blue-


I don't want no more whiskey wine or gin 

No reason to fall again

Just your loving sweet ways

To remind me where we've been. 


I don't have no cause to move along

No reason to get far gone

Lost In some sad country song

When you are near


Crow Time  


Drunk as my horse sick as my dog

but I can still hear that Old river roll

These are the only bones that I’ve ever know

So why would I ever let them go


Cause I got a devil of a chance as far as I can tell

But I think I’ll pull it over for a little spell

And you know that I would If I only could

Fire up this engine on whiskey wine and wood


I’m rough as this road

Please tell my mother for me

I’m living down at the bottom of the sea

It’s crow time now and I’m facing north

Blue sky is all I can see


Go tell Louisiana Red that I heard every word he said

He said Stella in the morning and breakfast in bed

The train I ride, Is leaving here soon

And if I miss the call buddy you can have my room


So lay me down a palette on the floor

And in the early morning light I’ll slip right out the door

I can hear that old river roll

With the crows I’ll turn back to stone




Because I remember these eyes back when they were young

But now I can’t see back to where it all begun

So don’t miss the ferry and don’t get yourself buried

Better get ready for the big jubilee



Cold Fall  


Everything I have is old and broken

I’m gonna dig up a new crime

Maybe I’ll call back to Paris

Take a cold fall and leave it all behind

Breaking time like an ol’ lead tree

Cold fall into the wide open sea


Will you walk right back into the room again

Maybe then all these towers would fall

All desire’s cost within the lion’s den

Lord send me an angel to let me know

Breaking time like a Ol’ lead tree

Cold fall into the wide open sea


Through this broken window

Like a feather I can easily fly

All the way down to port chicago

To the line where I lose my mind

Breaking time like a Ol’ lead tree

Cold fall into the wide open sea


My blues fill my cup

I’ve read the wall way too many times to cry

In the night your can give it up

Rolling down the mountain as stoned as blind

Breaking time like a Ol’ lead tree

Cold fall into the wide open sea

Lazy old River

Swimming in that Lazy old river.
It's been waiting down there forever
Within the warm glow of summer Time

Passing time under the San Joaquin  bridge

When I was young I held no worry
Had no pain to show me how
Had a good mother and a father
But they're so far away.. from me now


Well it's such a lonesome feelin'
When your staring up at the ceilin'
To dark for any healn'
Left to dream all alone




When your off to someplace you’ve never been

Where There’s no returning to back there again

Can you see it in your telescope dreams

Far beyond the dotted line



I like to Talk About You 


Took a walk down to the water

Put my feet down in the sand

Rivers like to sing about oceans

And oceans like to sing about dry land


Farmers like to talk about dirt roads

Bankers like to scream about gold

Liar’s whisper about justice

And fools like to talk about what they’ve been sold


But I like to talk about you girl

I like to talk about you

I'd like to talk about love

The way that i love you


I heard somebody talk about yesterday

Tomorrow it will be today

That T.V’s squawking about insanity

It’s crazy how they talk that way


Children like to laugh about everything

And dog’s like to bark at the moon

Preacher’s like to shout about heaven

When they’ll be eating from a silver spoon




Sweet as summer wine

Keeps me drunk all the time

And at the end of the day when you say Whats new?

I just want to talk about you



Without You Near   


Well it drives me to drink

Every time I think 

About the way you use that smile

And I remember that day

When you first walked my way

And turned my heart like a radio dial


But now that you're gone

Every station that I'm on

Has got me crying like a baby child

Sitting here without you near


I hear the bartender say no

Poor boy you gotta go

Down that dusty lonely road

But tomorrow you can stay

Right there all day

Until then adios my friend


So now that you’re gone

Every bar stool that I’m on

Has got me crying like a baby child

Sitting here without you near


All my friends they say to me

Buddy now you are free

To move on once again

But this new moons so blue

Without me and you

To talk about where we’ve been


And now that you're gone

This rock that I’m on

Has got me crying like a baby child

Sitting here without you near

Sitting here without you near

Alabama took my baby

Alabama took my baby

My baby took her heart from me

So I think I’ll head back home

And leave Alabama be

Maybe make a stop in ol’ Tennessee

See if Nashville remembers  me..                    

And let that cool Cumberland water

Wash away her memory

And let that cool Cumberland water

Wash away her memory

In a field down by that river

My love and i once did stand

And upon my leaning shoulder

She laid across her sweet hand

We planned to take life easy 

And cherish all the coming years…..

Lord But I was such a fool back then  

Now my eyes are filled with only tears




Tell me when is a saint a sinner

Or a fool a work of art

My used to be something special and i

Lord we had a change of heart


I woke up to find

That nothing is what it seems

And the only way to get close to her

Is to find her in my dreams


Jimmie Rodger’s Train    


Got dropped off in the valley

Took some time to walk the tracks 

Made my way down to the station                

Found my seat and laid my head back

Woke up  in Asheville

Waitin on that Norfolk train

I could hear that yodel in the pines

Calling out my name


Waiting on   Jimmie Rodgers Train 

Smoke and ash falling down

Waiting on   Jimmie Rodgers Train

To take me far away .from this town

Take me far away …. From this town


I can feel the them steel wheels hummin

They say It’s better on down the road

People tell ya that they understand

Just before they tell you ya gotta to go


Coal mind and an easy hand

I’m a Rollin down the long rail line

Leaving now and ain't ever coming back

The bridge is burning in my mind






Maybe I’ll head up the mountain 

To where that old river rolls 

To that little lost town in the hollow

 To where he once loved to go 

Well its T for Texas

T for Tennessee…So tell me baby   

Why you made a fool….Out of me 



When That Ship Comes In


We will all get together when that ship comes in

We’ll all begin to sing again

When our sons and daughters come back from war

On the day when that ship comes in


When that ship comes in

When that ship comes in                                      

We’ll all begin to sing once again

When our sons and daughters

Come back from war

On the day when that ship comes in


On that dark cold day when you sailed far away

The sun it refused to shine

And our hearts will weep and our souls will sway

Till the day when that ship comes in



Praying for Rain. 



Im praying for rain

Praying for rain

Dry as a bone 

It's a losing game

So Im praying for rain

Praying for rain


Dirt down texas

A Midnight glow

That cask of black powder 

Soon will blow

Dead flowers refuse to grow

So im Im praying for rain

Im praying for rain

Praying for rain

Cry’n heaven help me on my way

Hand me down my walking cane

I'm praying for rain

I'm praying for rain 


Pull me up jesus

Shake me down slow

Heaven and hell begin to blow

My love is all in vain

So Im praying for rain


Im jumping the broom 

Running back home 

That old gray mule

On the side of the road

He's praying

Praying for rain



Fire she set down in my soul


Crows black across the meadow 

lightning flashing across the rolling sky

I'm searching this cold night for my darlin

To forget her......... i can't even try


Storm high upon the mountains

Rain and wind begin to bellow and blow

No flood waters lord  can ever begin to

Tame the fire that she set down  in my soul 


Darlin Can you hear me calling

Calling you back to our happy home

Can you feel my poor heart a falling

Into this dark hole so cold and all alone 




When i finally find my way back to heaven

Then i will truly understand                                             

Why she walked away from me that day  

Until then i wonder through this forsaken land 



Precious Things 


When i was a young man the ocean was my friend

There ain't no place in this whole world where i have not been

I Found plenty of silver and plenty of gold

But i lost the most precious thing that a man could ever hold

Her eyes like diamonds

Her touch like the desert sands

And id trade all these precious things

Just to hold her once again

Yes, i trade all these precious things

Just to hold her once again

I'm going back home my treasure lies across the sea

You can keep this silver and gold boys- it don't mean a thing to me

I'm done with this game - count me out i fold

Fore i'm off to find the most precious thing that I could ever hold



Talking Dues Blues     


Well, In bed with my woman singing the blues

turned on the t.v to hear the fake news

looked like the world had turned itself upside down again

round and round looking around

never an answer to the problem found

dreamed i was in L.A town down on my luck out on the vine

as soon as I woke back up

 they said it was all because of me..

there’s a war on don’t you see..

here, stick this in your arm to be free

- nothing like a morning shot of capitulation and fear..


Now I don't want to tell you what to do

cause under this hair I'm just like you

but I've been here and there 

and sorta everywhere

seen a thing or 10 or 2

like a bird, man I’ve really flew

new to you may be old to me

But I can plainly see

that you might not understand where I come from....


Well, I've been broke down, let down

waited too long in the wrong town

held a frown in the ice and snow

while shivering from my nose down to my toes

felt that north wind blow slow

across places where I'll never go back to again

- What a sin


Felt the hungry tongue of a tornado

and stood where once did big trees used to grow

let it all go full steam down a rocky mountain road

fell in jail - made bail

pulled a sail and made my way up the mighty san joaquin

all the way to the san francisco bay

- looking for a dollar

- found an earthquake

- man that ground sure did shake

- shook that dollar right out of my shoe


Paid the fines

held a sign

Helped my father out on a picket line

looked for something back in time

Takes a worried man to leave it all behind

Pondered long about something gone wrong

forgot what street I was just on

found my way back to where I'd been

lost it all just to loose it again

- Lone gone


Sold the farm 

the sow and the cow

Had no money and wondered how

got turned upside down in a bar room fight

I remember it to be on a long icy moonlight night

thought I was right

but I was wrong

turned a year into a song

it didn't take long

to pick a new train to jump up on

- 600 miles down to the mobile bay

I’ve been lied to

Loved true

Felt the dew of the pines

dripping into the seed anew

I know everything I need

I’ve breathed deep the ocean air of sunny Italy

Felt my soul begin to bleed

Held a new born babies tired finger

Nothing in this world dam gum as sweeter

As that look in her soft, empty, sleepy eyes


I’ve crossed the Snake, Rhine, Cumberland, Antioch and French broad too

Learned dam well how to sing the blues

I’ve been haggled, swaggled, tangled, rangled and unstabled

Cross eyed, turned an eye while painting the sky

Been a hard travelin too...

Over there and back again

Beaten down into this hole I’m in

And I’ve eaten my share of crow

On a sandy bend of the old Sacramento

Where those indians used to go

- Before we killed em all and built a freeway to the future


I’ve laid em low

Learned to grow

Cut my teeth in a traveling freak show

Been offered some - held out for more

Turned back around to even the score

Left the stage looking for the back door

Broke a leg and shot down a star

Walked long roads through heaven 

Drove old roads back home

Forgot about things I should have known

Remembered things that I have since grown

- sometimes you have to get young to grow old

I’ve been on skid row, uptown and unglued

I’ve been to talkeetna, Osaka and up to logan county too

Stood under a streetlight in the desert wondering what next to do

Never knew which way the wind had blew

Tasted portland’s green winter rain

Figured out peoples games

Dropped dead, lost my head

Forgot all the b.s I was fed

Laughed like a devil and kissed an angles lips

while listening to the flowers sing

- gathered some too

- takes a good woman to know what I’ve been through

- she’s been there too

I’ve been under the ocean

And across the sea

Never met a politician who could pick like me

But boy how they sure can dance around the truth

Drive you down to your bending knee

But it’s not for free

- Cost you a dime and a quarter and your first born son

I’ve given a damd 

Lent a hand

Hit it on the lamb

Woke up gone in a foreign land

Took too long to understand

All that I had learned to do so wrong

Turned around and it was all gone

Pulled the choke - Tied the rope

Got in too deep

And learned how to sink and float

I’ve been kicked down - Ran down - Heard the hounds

Done the rounds on sacred ground


Been dead scared staring into the empty air

Whispered up a prayer to find me out there

Fell off of a cloud just to find the ground

Rocks for a pillow and dirt for a bed

I remember something a preacher once said

- don’t sell your soul for a quarter

- wish I had asked for a dollar

Had my ear to the rail

Took that south bound reefer all the way through New Mexico

Took it slow, but I took it

I’ve been half baked


Give and take’d

Held and fake’d

Gassed and braked

Busted - bent - spent - lent - dent - no rent

Held out on a one night stint in rosarito, escondido me amigo

I’ve been back-ended, jackknifed and turnpiked in a motorhome in Amarillo too………..

Waiting for a big storm to end

But I know where I’ve been

And I’m probably going back there again.

What would Ol’ woody, Bookbinder or Son House do

Bob or Doc or John too

Well, If you don’t want to take it from me?

I’ll just put it back on you







Home Sickness 


Looking to find me a little job of my own
One that wont tell me to stay off the phone
One that wont direct me down to the nearest credit store   
One that wont kick me out when I walk past the door
Looking to find me a job of my own

A truck of my own One that will always run
That will not jackknife or squeal
One that doesn’t sound too loud
Or turn my driveway Into an oil field
Looking to find me a truck of my own

A horse of my own
One that wont trample down the fence
Or dig that deep into that old soggy ditch
One that already knows the way back home
Looking to find me a horse of my own

A home of my own
Just a lady or a baby or dog
One that won’t bite my leg or chew on my ear
As i listen to the thunder that my little girl fears
Looking to find me a home of my own

I’d go for a crooked boat
One that purrs and sleeps so soundly 
It would know how to cook and clean
So me and my lady could go on madly
Looking to find me a home of my own

I try not to dream much about it no
Throw away all that stuff they send me
All those pretty places and things they say I need
Well they’re already held deep inside me
Because I’ve already found 
Found myself….
Found myself a home of my own

Break Down the Plow

The night grew dark as midnight
all the rain came tumblin down
ya you better grab your suitcase baby
looks like that long black train is back in town

tell the mule to say a prayer
cause soon he might be flying right through the air
break down that plow

You got to break down the plow
You got to break down the plow
You got to break down the plow
no time left to run, lord you better hit the ground

no water in the hole
the well has run bone dry
the cotton is so high

as the devil goes a dancing on by
you better break down the plow
drop the gun and forget the sow
break down that plow


its twisting around every corner
every building fallin g right down
no captain left to give and order
no time to call out the hounds

way down in that hole
you could hear that whistle blow
and as the dogs begin howl
you better break down the plow


Pace Back to You   -   Song for Woody 


-Pacing this ward in Bellevue

Pacing kings county too

I’m going to pace back baby

Pace back to you


This world has hit me in my face

It’s hit me upside my head

Beatn me black and blue, green and red

Beat me down, but I’m not dead


-Pacing this ward in Bellevue

Pacing kings county too

I’m going to pace back baby

Pace back to you


Well if I can’t go east or west

If I can’t go north or south

Then I can still go in and out

Around around and upside down

Around around

Around around

- spinning round


what I going to do

what I going to do

when my dream Time Comes


I’ve never felt so down and lonesome before

What am I even fighting for

If you only knew how blue and empty I am feeling

You’d open up that closed door

- Won’t be pacing this cold floor any more


-Pacing this ward in Bellevue

Pacing kings county too

I’m going to pace back baby

Pace back to you


I saw bird up in the window

Then it flew fast away

If I was a bird in that window

I’d leap into the air and leave here today

- fly away


-but I’m Pacing this ward in Bellevue

Pacing kings county too

I’m going to pace back baby

Pace back to you

Old World 


I’ll sing you a song and it’s not very long

About an old world that never did wrong

Suddenly it died one day

The reason why     No one would say


The mountains where tall and the rivers so strong

And this is the strangest part of my song

It was always well and good in my head

Then one day it was dead


It all happened so fast so I’ve been told

The sky closed up and the ground turned cold

The people came from all around

But before they could agree they all fell down


Old world been here and gone        

Old world what went wrong

Old world sing this song for me

Old world

Old Working Man 


My father never had too much money                                                 

Never seemed to miss it somehow                                                        

And While sitting on the fence I'd watch him round up                                   

The last light of evening with his old rusty plow                       


I watched him stand out on that union line

In that old Ford listening to George jones

Chasing buck through some back wood haller

That Country boy was deep down in his bones


He's just an old working man

He's just an old working man                           

Doin all a good man ever can


He used to laugh about the evening paper

He didn't need some reporter to tell him about his day

Just give him a glass of ol’ Irish whiskey

And these are the only words that he'd say



Now that I am older I can understand

The want for an easy way of life

That man sure knew how to take it easy

But when he took it.. he sure did it right



Now I’m  just an old working man

Now I’m  just an old working man

Now I’m  just an old working man                                     

Doin all a good man ever can


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