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Jody Carroll's WOODBRAIN 


Dead or Live | 2010

The most badass band in the land!

A heavy dose of Live tracks selected from the vaults from between 2008 -2010. This is a double album of high energy, Kick ass blues and Roots music like only Jody Carroll & Woodbrain can deliver. 

WOODBRAIN'S energy is incendiary; their music deeply rooted in tradition.

And yet their songwriting and improvisation pull those roots in all kinds of directions informed by the generations of Son House, Jimi Hendrix, and John Coltrane. Without sacrificing an iota of heart or soul, their sound effortlessly skirts boundaries

to reach blues, rock, Americana, and jam scene listeners alike. 

They are a mythical band in the great North West after many years of epic touring through the area. Their shows were rooted at the infamous Laurelthirst Pub and the White Eagle.


- I S -

Jody Carroll McMurrian - Guitar, Banjo and Lead vocal

Jimi Bott - Drums

David Lipkind - Harmonica

Jason Honl - Bass

One of the best electric blues bands on the scene...Certainly this band has enough dynamite in

its sound to blow up a small bridge.” — 2009

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Jody Carroll's WOODBRAIN 
Swimming in Turpentine | 2010
Studio album - Yellow Dog Records

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