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Back to the Country

American Blues & Roots Folk Music Artist, Jody Carroll presents, his new solo acoustic album, Back to the Country. These sixteen genre-bending tracks, are a testament to tradition, authenticity and the power of one man and one instrument. Travel across a musical landscape with songs rooted in far off low-country marshes, dew-topped mountain hollers, ancient carved rivers, rumbling revelry squalls, slow-blind-gamblers, lawless bootleggers, fate’s warnings and dusty resting bones. Here lie in these tracks, American ballads of love and loss alchemy gleaned from across the hills, valleys and anchored lay lines. Welcome back to the country.

Back to the country was recorded in-studio with a 1930’s acoustic guitar, 1940’s resonator guitar and 1890’s banjo. It captures the wildly blazen and gritted style that is Jody Carroll. Brilliant and barrelling, hell-bound blues arrangements are brought to the breaking point as he mercilessly weaves traditional and modern times together through his rich vocal style, and haunting tones of his vintage instruments.


Recorded and mastered among the Appalachian Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, by Phil Ludwig of Seclusion Hill Studios.

Artwork: Jody Carroll

Photography: Americantumbleweed


 digital downloads of album and individual songs in player

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